Cllr Janet Weston

Ward: Kingsway

Cllr Janet Weston


01452 721552


Barrow Close


Recreation & Amenities

Community Buildings


I was born in Savernake Wiltsire and came to Gloucester when I was 2 years old.
Gloucester has been my home town since.
I lived in Gloucester growing up and went to St. Paul’s Infant and Junior school and then ending up at Hatherley girls then onto Linden Secondary school.
Leaving at the age of 16 I went straight into full employment at J Sainsbury’s in north gate street. I worked myself up to food safety and provided basic food safety training to a colleague within the work place and then to Section Manager on fresh foods. In 1994 after 19 years service I was made redundant due a new management structure and so I left Sainsbury’s.
After 8 months out of work I decided to train as a nursery nurse assistant and was employed at Twin Gable day nursery were I took my NVQ level in childcare and education. 1 and a half years later I complete my course.
In 1979 I became a born again Christian and I love Jesus Christ and for Christ to be in my life. With out Jesus in my life I would find life meaningless.
My father and mother, sister and I left the city area in 1987 and moved to Quedgeley Gloucester.
In 2012 my family lost our father to Parkinsons and in 2014 we lost our mother to acute myeloid leukaemia.
Two years later I moved to Barrow close and I am very happy with great family and friends who give me a lot of support.
In 2017 I had to retire from my job at Asda due to ill health which I did find very hard, until I joined Quedgeley Town Council.
I enjoy giving back to the community in which I live and I hope I make a difference.
I have a dog who is called Dixie May and she is an Imperial Shih Tzu.
My hobbies are sewing, card crafting, I enjoy anything regarding beauty and nature. Going out for a good meal and just being around friends.
I also enjoy watching anything regarding Science fiction/ Fantasy
My one quote I always strongly believe in is never go to bed after an argument with anyone that you may later regret.
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