What is a Town Council?

A Town Council is your local authority; a part of local government working within the many constraints of legislation passed down by government.

The role of the Town Council is very different from district, county, metropolitan or unitary authorities. We are a lot smaller and locally accountable, representing a definable local community and with all our statutory powers being discretionary, it allows us to decide where best to act and use our resources. It is important for the Town Council to have a mandate from its parishioners, to represent all sectors of the community we serve, and to carry out the wishes of local electors.

A Town Council is the most democratic area of local government, if the majority of the constituents say that they would like the council to pursue something on their behalf and it is within our powers, then that is what we agree to do when we are sworn into office.

Quedgeley Parish Council as it was then known was created in 1894, as a Civil Parish Council, distinct and completely separate from the Parochial Church Council (which is responsible for St James’ Church). Parish Councillors are local people who are interested in protecting and enhancing the area in which we live or carry out a trade, profession or business. Elections are held every four years, with bi-elections as and when required should there be casual vacancies.

What does the Town Council do for me?

Although not exhaustive, here are some of the things we do for you:

Influence Planning Policies and development affecting Quedgeley.
Consultation with the City Council on local planning applications and make plans available to local residents in respect of local planning applications.
Provision, maintenance and cleaning of bus shelters.
Award grants to assist the local community e.g. Active Pensioners, Hardwicke & Quedgeley Cricket Club, Enchanting Childcare etc.
Provision and maintenance of play areas and play equipment.
Provision and maintenance of a cemetery.
The Town Council Office acts as a one stop shop for your various complaints and staff monitor the resolution of these complaints (e.g. blocked ditches, defective street lights, obstructed footpaths and rights of way, rodent infestations, odour nuisance etc).
Provision of the Community Centre allowing low cost use by local residents and organisations. (Why not book a room for your meeting or hall for that special occasion now)?
Provision of the Kingsway Community Centre.
Provision of the Kingsway Sports Pavilion.
Enhanced litter picking (Quedgeley is one of the cleanest – if not the cleanest – area in the city).
Pursuing the provision of sports and recreational facilities.
The Town Council Office is a source of information for local residents.
Provision of public open spaces.
Authentication of legal documents.
Provision of dog waste bins and free poop scoops.
Protection of rights of way.
Provision of litter bins.
Influencing decision-makers at regional and national level in matters affecting local residents (e.g. waste disposal, transport, road systems, the environment etc).
Provision of a local burial ground.
Assisting the local community in crime reduction.
Enhancing the environment.

Local residents are always welcome at the Town Council Office that is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 2.30pm where we will be pleased to help.

Which council is responsible for my query?

You can find information about what each council (county, city and Quedgeley) is responsible for via the button below.

which council is responsible?